YSAU is an alternate universe created by User:Yyaku

It's pretty simple, but for everyone who overthinks it, it stands for Yyaku's Swap Alternate Universe. I created a bunch of swap images, that I spent hours on, and i'm like, wait why don't I make this actual productive creation. So here we are. It's a basic idea, Amethyst is Lapis, Pearl is Peridot, and Garnet is Jasper. Rose Quartz is Yellow Diamond, just because I needed to swap her with someone.

What I did was swap every pallette, so Garnet's name is Jasper, and Garnet now is orange, and Jasper's name is Garnet, and is now pink. Now what does that mean? OAR RUBI!!11? AND SAFIRE~! NOT EXASTANT ANYM0RE??? Well, Garnet is still a fusion, except she's orange. No "personaltiies" or weapons or stuff change, literally the ONLY difference is pallete and name.

So how does that work? We've never seen Jasper and Peridot fuse, does that mean Sardonyx doesn't exist? No, it's.. It's complicated but really simple, you can ask questions below, but anyway, nothing changes except names and pallete. I'm not making this a fanon, or whatever, it's just for y'all to stare at. 

You can give me pngs, and i'll make the character like that. But yeah, don't treat this like a big deal, just have fun and stare at my art! Woo. OH AND IF YOU COMMENT "RECOLOR" OR SOMETHING, DON'T.


Garnet = Jasper

Pearl = Peridot

Amethyst = Lapis

Ruby = Sard

Sapphire = Carnelian

Peridot = Pearl

Jasper = Garnet

Lapis = Amethyst

Yellow Diamond = Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz = Yellow Diamond

Fusion Gems

Sardonyx = Spessarite

Sugilite = Malachite

Opal = Aquamarine

Aquamarine = Opal

Malachite = Malachite

Alexandrite = Turquoise

Rainbow Quartz = Ammolite Diamond


Blue Diamond = Orange Quartz

Blue Diamond's Pearl = Orange Peridot

Yellow Diamond's Pearl = Rose Peridot

Homeworld Rubies = Homeworld Sards

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