This is a Paroo Fandom episode.


Meg is back.But in a different way...we all know it's a running gag by this point.Yes she's the villian.Yes,she's appearing again.


It begins with Steven,who is apparently sick in bed.Pearl takes a thermometer out of his mouth,and concludes that his temperature is 103.He groans,and bluntly asks for soup.Amethyst comes in,with a bowl of soup,calling him "[his] majesty".Pearl says how convenient that Garnet isn't here at the moment,when Steven is sick.Is flashbacks to the beginning of the day,it shows Pearl and Garnet arguing about a vacation home,Garnet warps away.It goes back to present time,with Pearl saying,"I just don't know where she is..".Garnet comes home on the warp pad,with a bagel,and asks if Steven is okay.Steven says,"GIVE ME SOUP.".Garnet says okay,and that afterward they'll have to leave on a mission.Pearl is flustered by this,Amethyst asks Steven if he'll be okay.It later shows them warping away,and Steven gets up,and tries to turn on his TV.His shirt slips up,and he realizes that his gem is black,not pink.He says that now he has an explanation,and flops down on his bed.He picks up a phone,and attempts to cal his dad,but the phone dies.He throws it out the window in anger.He then trips and falls down the stairs,screaming "CRAP-CRUD-CRAMN-RRRRR!!!!!!"He then continues to get even angrier.It shows the gems warping back,to find the house a wreck.They ask what happened,and Steven said he got angry.Pearl notices his gem is black,and she says something is definitely wrong with it,but she doesn't know what.Steven suddenly walks,in a very blank and marionette-like manner,into his mothers room.As he walks across it,it slowly becomes Dark Rose's Room.He stops walking,and collapses.It shows the inside of his gem,and his mother (who retreated there when he was born) is fighting with Meg.Apparently,Steven had absorbed her when his mother took control in Meg's second appearance.Meg comes out of his gem.Steven slides down the crystal heart vein into Garnet's room.Garnet is crying,watching chick-flicks,and eating frozen yogurt for an unknown reason.She asks what the heck Steven is doing there,and he says Meg has taken control of Rose's Room.She comedically tries to climb UP the crystal heart vein into D. Rose's Room,and finds Meg there.Meg has wished for her own lion,a Dark Lion.They go into the beach house and fight Meg there.Pearl and Amethyst start fighting too,but Dark Lion creates a portal,which takes him and Meg to an unknown location.Garnet checks Rose's Room,which has gone back to normal.Steven asks Garnet where meg went,and Garnet says,"....,I don't know.."THE END.


  • This is the third appearance of Meg.
  • This is the first appearance of Dark Lion.
  • This episode connects with "Hematite".
  • Meg will appear again.
  • This episode was originally "Back and Meaner than ever",and much longer,but I decided to split it up into two episodes,this one and "'I'm baaaAAAaaack!'"