Season 2, Episode 4
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Air date When you're reading this.
Written by Emercrump
Directed by Emercrump
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"Ucarva" is the fourth episode in the second season of Steven Universe.


When Diamond finds an active Galaxy Warp, Diamond takes Pearl to Ucarva, but she doesn't want to leave.

Extended Plot

(Shows the gems (minus Tourmaline) at the Galaxy Warp, Garnet steps on a Warp Pad)

Garnet: Inactive. (Amethyst hops on a warp pad)

Amethyst: Inactive. (Diamond hops on a warp pad, it glows)

Diamond: Active!

Pearl: Well, that's to be expected... what? (Cuts to scene of the Gems teleporting to the Gem planet)

Pearl: Welcome to Ucarva!

Diamond: Seriously? You live here? *scoffs* I lived on Sirica. Now THAT was a nice planet.

Pearl: Well, you have your planet, I have mine. (Suddenly, a Gem walks up)

Spinel: Pearl?

Pearl: Spinel! (They hug)

Spinel: Man! You've been gone for 6000 years! Let me show you around! (Spinel takes Pearl)

Diamond: Hey! Let's go visit Sirica! I actually looked different there. (Takes form of Diamond from Kingdom Hearts)

Diamond: I think I'll return to this look. (They teleport away. It then cuts to them teleporting back)

Steven: Topaz was cool.

Amethyst: Personally, I liked that other Amethyst. (Garnet remains silent)

Diamond: So, let's get Pearl and go home. (They walk up to a shack, and knock)

Pearl: Come in! (They walk inside and see a room identical to Pearl's room)

Diamond: Man! You fixed this place up good! I mean, yesterday it was crushed!

Pearl: You were here yesterday?

Diamond: You can forget I can fly. Come on P. It's time to go home.

Pearl: Home? This is my home!

Garnet: Come on Pearl. Earth needs us.

Pearl: I think we've done enough help for Earth. They can fend for themselves.

Amethyst: Pearl! Come on, you're being selfish!

Pearl: You will not take me away! Guards! (Two gems take them away. They throw them on the ground)

Diamond: Ugh. I know what we have to do. We have to over throw King Moissanite.

Steven: Is that legal?

Diamond: Do you want to be a good citizen, or have Pearl? (Steven thinks for a bit. It then cuts to a military base and the gems suiting up)

Steven: I don't see why we can't just ask him.

Diamond: I tried. I've lost 70% of fluids.

Steven: I think we're overdoing this.

Diamond: Do you want to have Pearl, or not?

Steven: Let's do this. (Shows Diamond and Steven blowing up guards, and Diamond retrieving the gemstones. They then burst through the doors)

Diamond: Your rein is over King Moissanite! (It then shows Pearl sitting in the throne. A small piece detaches from it, and it forms Moissanite)

Moissanite: I'm Moissanite. I've corrupted your beloved Pearl. I'll destroy you, and make her my Queen. (Diamond summons his staff, and fights Moissanite. He then shoots a giant ball at Moissanite. Moissanite explodes, and Pearl becomes uncorrupted. Pearl then hugs Steven)

Steven: Pearl! I've missed you so much!

Pearl: Me too. Come on, let's go home. (They step on the Warp Pad, and go home. Episode ends)