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Topaz + Pearl = Show Off
Season 3, Episode TBA
Vital statistics
Air date TBA
Written by KittyGent1236
Directed by KittyGent1236
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"This is not a Shipping Episode, as the Creator of this Page is not really a Fan of Shipping characters."
"This is a Page about a Gem Fusion Episode."

Topaz + Pearl = Show Off is an Episode of KittyGent1236's Fandom of Steven Universe. 


When Topaz and Pearl fuse into the Heroic Tiger's Eye, All The Other Gems, except Steven, get annoyed.


The Episode starts with a Giant Crystal Monster who was attacking the Crystal Gems. They tried to fight it, but they knew what they had to do. Amethyst and Peridot were upset, as they don't like Tiger's Eye very much, and Garnet sighed. They even tried to convince Topaz and Pearl, but they wanted to fuse.

They started to fuse, and Tiger's Eye hit the Monster with his Staff a Few Times, and at the right moment, he hit the Monster with his Sword.

Amethyst asked if he could Fuse back, and he didn't reply. He asked Steven what he wanted to see. Steven Requested some Sword Moves. He started to use his Sword, while Peridot called him a "Show Off", and said things in a Sacastic Way.

Later, Steven asked him about his Missions, and he told Steven about lots of his Mission. Peridot and Amethyst started yelling "FUSE BACK! FUSE BACK!", but Tiger's Eye ignored them. 

That Night, A Monster had appear in the Crystal Temple, and it seem to had been related to the Monster from Earlier That Day. Garnet and Tiger's Eye tried to fight him, but Garnet got annoyed by Tiger's Eye, because he tried to fight by himself, and he wasn't letting Garnet be a Leader. They Finally finished fighting him. 

The Gems agreed that this was getting out of hand, and they needed to fuse back. 

To Be Continued (More Coming Soon)

Production Notes


  • Dance Of Swords (Composed by AviSura) (Reused in this Episode)


  • Tiger's Eye does not mean to be a Show Off. 
  • This is one of the first episodes to have reused Music.3