Tiger's Eye is a Fusion Gem in KittyGent1236's Fandom of Steven Universe. He is the Fused Version of Topaz and Pearl.


He has Lighter Colors than Topaz, due to Pearl having "Pastel" Type Colors. He also wears "Mad Hatter" Type Clothes. His Clothes are Blue, Brown, and Beige. 


He has Topaz's Personality, with a Twist of Pearl's. This means, he is more neat and mature, then he usually is.


His weapon is a Giant Staff, with a Sword stored in it. He uses his Sword in Emergency Situations.



He respects her as a Leader, but sometimes, he gets on her nerves, when he says "Stay Back, I can do it.", since she is the Leader.


He gets a little annoyed by Amethyst, unlike Topaz. So, it's a mix of Pearl and Topaz's Relationship with Amethyst.


She thinks he is just trying to impress everybody, with his Nice Clothes, and Moves. She calls him, a "Show Off", and a "Wanna Be". They do get along sometimes, but for the most of it, Tiger's Eye just ignores her.


They haven't met, yet. She would probably have a Relationship similar to Amethyst and Peridot's Relationship with him.

Steven Universe

They get along. Steven thinks he is amazing, and respects him. He also defends him, whenever Peridot calls him something mean. Tiger's Eye also gives Steven advice, and it can actually help him at times.

Greg Universe

He rarely meets Fusion Gems, and he hasn't met Tiger's Eye. He would proabably be scared of him, at first (As Seen, On Coach Steven, with Sugilite.).


  • His is based off "Baron Humbert Von Gikkingen", from The Cat Returns. 
  • He is a bit of a Show Off, to some, but he doesn't mean to be.