The Wonders Of Electronics

(It shows Steven playing a parody of Pac-Man, dubbed Cat-Man, and getting the high score. He puts his hands up in victory. He runs to another game, and gets the high score. It shows a montage of him running to video games and getting the high scores)

Steven: Now for my favorite game! Diamond Miner! You go down in the mine, and have to avoid enemies, and beat bosses! (Runs to the spot where Diamond Miner was, but runs into the walls)

Steven: Huh? Where'd Diamond Miner go? Mr. Smiley! (Runs up to Mr. Smiley)

Steven: Diamond Miner is gone!

Mr. Smiley: Yeah, that game broke. You can take it home if you want to!

Steven: Oh, thank you thank you thank you! (Shows Steven walking to the temple. He then shoots the game out of his gem)

Steven: It's really convenient that you can hold other things in your gem! Now, what seems to be the problem? (Opens the machine)

Steven: Ok, I really don't understand how machines work, so, really the only thing I can tell that's wrong here is that the battery is dead. I wonder what I could use? (Spots Diamond's gem still in regeneration process. He plugs it in. The game then starts. Steven starts to play, but gets bored immediately)

Steven: Man, I don't know what I ever saw in this game. I wish I could make it better! Wait a minute! (Shows a montage of Steven collecting items. It then shows a helmet connected to the game)

Steven: This should make me feel as if I'm in the game! Power ON! (The game starts, and the helmet suddenly sucks Steven in. It then shows Steven with a Pickaxe. Suddenly, a shining silhouette of Diamond appears with a shovel)

Steven: Diamond! You've regenerated!

Diamond: No, you used my gem as a power source, so it had to put me in the game somehow, so it made me Player 2.

Steven: Well, I'm going to leave. Take off helmet! (Tries to take off a helmet, but there isn't a helmet)

Diamond: You got sucked in, so we have to beat the game to get out. And there are 28 levels! But we should be fine. After all, you've beaten the game 100 times.

Steven: Actually I've never beaten the final boss, Wrecking Ball. He keeps using the wrecking ball!

Diamond: Oh well. We should be fine. (Suddenly, a blockade crushes him. A screen appears in the corner, showing pictures of Diamond and Steven, indicating 3 lives. One of Diamonds is depleted. Diamond respawns)

Diamond: Aw man! I lost a life on Level 1! Let's move! (They run through levels, defeating enemies and digging deeper and deeper. They then reach level 12. A monster covered in metal and with a drill for a head appears)

Steven: Oh no. Drill-Bit. Laser Lance! (Pulls out a sword made of laser)

Diamond: Ok, my gems the power source, so...Junvin Javelin! (Pulls out spears. They try to attack, but the metal protects him. Drill-Bit then dives, but he misses. They then attack the soft spot on his body. His health gauge depletes. Then, rocks fall on Drill-Bit, and his health depletes rapidly. They then deliver the final blow, and they move on to level 13. Little red balls fly across the room)

Steven: Bouncing Bombies. Most feared enemies. If you touch them, you'll....(One hits Steven, and he blows up. One number is depleted on Steven's health bar)

Steven: Explode. Ruby shield! (Takes out a shield, and blocks all the Bombies attacks. Diamond deflects one with his javelin, but it blows up. They then reach the other room. Suddenly, there's another boss fight)

Steven: Yeah! We found the short cut taking us to level 27! Next is Wrecking Ball! Now, we face...(A monster made of many different materials appears)

Steven: Mineral Monster. (Attacks, and crushes Diamond. Another number depletes from Diamond's. Diamond respawns)

Diamond: Last life. Attack! Bazooka! (Fires a missile at Mineral Monster, and it halfs his health. Steven then attacks with the laser lance, but it breaks)

Steven: Ok, I'm not fond of this, but cheat code time! (Does the motions he says)

Steven: Up, Select, Start! (Mineral Monster disintegrates. Suddenly, a monster with a giant wrecking ball appears. It smashes Steven, and a number depletes from his health gauge. Steven respawns. They run behind a rock)

Steven: What are we gonna do? Cheat codes don't work on him!

Diamond: Give me a minute. (Diamond disappears, and then reappears)

Diamond: We have to use the Mine Caver.

Steven: I thought it didn't exist!

Diamond: We have to throw away all our weapons for it to work. (Diamond throws away all the weapons. They then do the motions while saying them)

Diamond and Steven: Up, Down, Up, Left, Down, Down, Jump, Spin, Spin, Spin, (Wrecking Ball notices them)

Diamond and Steven: Spin, Spin, Spin, Spin, Spin, Spin, (A blue aura surrounds them. Wrecking Ball throws the wrecking ball at them)

Diamond and Steven: Spin, Spin, Spin, Jump! (They turn into a blue drill, and they shoot through Wrecking Ball. It then shows Steven being shot out of the helmet(

Steven: That was fun. I wanna play again! (Steven turns it on, and gets sucked into the game again. The episode ends)