The Release

Diamond: Steven! Hide and Seek! 50! Go! (Diamond starts counting. Steven looks for a place to hide. He then reaches Garnet's room, and bubbles himself. He hides in the the top)

Steven: He'll never find me in here! (The bubble then pops, and he lands on a bubble, and it pops, and falls in the lava. Suddenly, a green skinned and haired man walks out, with a gem on his elbow)

Watermelon Tourmaline: Where am I? (Notices Steven. Pulls out a knife, and chases Steven)

Steven: Diamond, help! (Diamond walks in with his staff)

Watermelon: You! I despise you!

Diamond: How do you even know me?

Watermelon: It doesn't matter! Now, I can wreak my havok on this world! (Whisks off)

Diamond: Steven! Get the gems. (Shows them walking outside)

Pearl: Well, it seems that the Pufferfish gem rebirthed form hasn't done that much damage. (Suddenly, a green blast whisks across the fields. It then shows the Earth as an apocalyptic field)

Amethyst: Yeah, think again.

Diamond: We're going to have to beat him. Luckily, I can fly. (Flies them away. Shows them at a city, where Watermelon Tourmaline is terrorizing people)

Watermelon: So, you have come. Excellent. You will be the first to feel my wrath. (Amethyst and Diamond charge at him. He easily knocks them away. Diamond and Amethyst spin, and fuse into Malachite. They summon their weapon, a catapult. They fire big stones, but Watermelon easily deflects it. Steven fuses with them, and they become Uvite. They summon their weapon, a musket. They shoot shields, but Watermelon blocks it. Garnet and Pearl fuse with them, and they become Rainbowlite. They summon their fused weapon, a lightning generator. They shoot Watermelon, and he finally falls)

Rainbowlite: It's over Watermelon! Nothing can save you now!

Sapphire: Oh contraire. (Sapphire descends across the sky, and falls near Watermelon. They defuse)

Diamond: Sapphire? I thought you were with us!

Sapphire: Watermelon, explain. (Flashbacks from Diamond's Story show up, as Watermelon narrates)

Watermelon: I was that evil spirit that tried to convince you to kill your brother. I knew of your power. I knew you would be a good addition to my army. I thought about kidnapping your brother, but as I was about to, I knew about your new hatred. So, I sent you for a mythical gem killing device. Of course, after your brother was killed, I knew you'd join my army. But you were stupid enough to kill yourself! So, I sent you to that mythical gem place. I knew you couldn't stop my plans. But then, those Crystal Gems set you free! By that time, I became that Pufferfish creature. I saw your gem, so I knew you were back. I thought you were dealt with, but then your gem brkee free. I knew I'd have to bust out somehow. But then, your friend broke me out! Sapphire was one of my accomplices. I sent her to keep an eye on you. (Flashbacks end)

Watermelon: You were meant to join me! You are meant to be with me! So what do you say Diamond? Will you join me? (Time passes)

Diamond: Yes. (A time card shows up, saying To Be Continued. Episode ends)