The Last Gem
Season 1, Episode 1
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Written by AwesomeSteven
Directed by AwesomeSteven
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"The Last Gem" is the first episode of the first season in the series "Time Gems".


Pearl is born on Liotyr, and the Gems have a party to celebrate. But something about the current events seems off...


Diamond is seen building two mysterious spaceships, while Emperor Ruby is seen chatting with another Gem. Rose Quartz then comes in telling Emperor Ruby that there are rumors of an evil Gem plotting to kill. Emperor Ruby dismisses this, saying that Rose always has these "conspiracy theories". He then tells her that he has more important matters to attend to, the annual Gem Birth Ceremony. He runs to the Energy Crystals, not far from his palace. He goes up onto stage and picks a slip out of a big jar. The slip says Pearl, so he asks for his servant, Topaz to select Pearl from a big machine that holds the Gems. He places the Pearl on a part of the energy crystals, and chants "Yasikabababa" until Pearl is brought to life. The crowd cheers with excitement, and he asks Diamond to show her around. Emperor Ruby makes some other announcements, and then leaves.

Him, Pearl, Diamond, and Peridot then warp to Sirica, where they meet up with Tourmaline. They then have a large dinner party to celebrate. In the middle of dessert, a message comes up on the loudspeaker: "Attention Gems: A Red Eye has been spotted close to the castle. Please report to your designated bunker." Tourmaline then tells Diamond to get a light cannon, and gives him a crystal transceiver to keep in touch. After 10 minutes, Diamond is still not back. Tourmaline tells him that "lives are on the line". He comes back shortly, and they defeat the Red Eye. Emperor Ruby then tells Tourmaline that he knew she would make a great president. They go back to finish their dessert. As they are eating, there is a hooded figure in the back, who the star closes in on.



Emperor Ruby: Unfortunately, Tanzanite, we will be behind in crystal transceiver profits this...

Rose Quartz: *interrupts them* Ruby, Ruby!

Emperor Ruby: Yes?

Rose Quartz: There have been many rumors going around Ceres that there are plots to kill people!

Emperor Ruby: Oh, you and your conspiracy theories.*smiles*

Rose Quartz: *frustrated* But there are a lot of...

Emperor Ruby: Rose, do you know what day it is? I have very important matters to attend to. You can tell me later, but right now I have the Gem Birth Ceremony. Come Diamond, it's almost time. *they run outside to the  Energy Crystals*