The Christmas Premiere
Season 2, Episode 1
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Air date When you're reading this.
Written by Emercrump
Directed by Emercrump
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"Fate" "Terror Tales Of The Basement"
"The Christmas Premiere" is the first episode of the second season in the series Steven Universe.


Diamond searches for a magical Christmas present, bestowing one wish of anykind for Steven.

Extended Plot

(Shows Garnet decorating the tree)

Steven: Where is he? Diamond was supposed to be here 20 minutes ago! (Diamond walk in with a new gem)

Diamond: Everyone, I'd like you to meet Tourmaline! We're like best buds.

Pearl: Welcome to our home! You can relax for a bit, we're not completely done setting up the decorations.

Tourmaline: Yeah, we're just going to hang out in his medicine home. (They walk into the ocean, and go to a little shack)

Tourmaline: Ok, reminder, we cannot let the gems find out that we used to have a "thing." Anyways, what do you need my help with?

Diamond: Ok, I'm getting Steven a magic Christmas gift. A magic artifact, so powerful, it can grant one single wish! I need your help to help me find it.

Tourmaline: Of course! (Diamond packs medicine in a bag)

Diamond: Let's go. (Shows them walking along a snowy field. Diamond and Tourmaline make a snowman. They then see a chamber)

Diamond: Now, this is the challenging part. There are many difficult tasks we have to do in order to obtain the gift. We'll each take turns. (They walk in. Suddenly, a bull comes out. Diamond fights him off. They move on to the next room. Tourmaline walks across the -60 degree water, and Diamond flies across)

Diamond: Ok, this is easy so far. (Suddenly, metal walls close in)

Diamond: No prob. (Uses his staff, but it breaks)

Diamond: Ok, prob! (Tourmaline summons her crossbow, and shoots a hole in the ceiling)

Tourmaline: This way! (They climb through the ceiling)

Diamond: Man! That was awesome! Hey, you should live at the temple! I could design a room for you!

Tourmaline: That would be great! (They crawl down a tube, until they slide down a metal tube. They reach a lava pit. They stand on a dirt slab. The lava starts to rise. Diamond gives Tourmaline a rope, and she attaches it to her crossbow. They climb across)

Diamond: Ok. I hope we're almost to the gift. (Spots the gift)

Tourmaline: Yes! (Goes forward, but it turns into a monster)

Diamond: The final task! To get the gift, you have to beat it! (Pulls out his staff, and attacks the monster. It does nothing. Tourmaline shoots crossbows, but it does nothing)

Diamond: This is doing nothing!

Tourmaline: Let's fuse!

Diamond: Yes! I love us fusing! (They fuse into Canary Diamond, with heart marks on their hands. They beat the monster. They defuse, and grab the gift. They teleport to Steven. It cuts to a room like Rose's, but with white clouds)

Tourmaline: It was cool that Steven declined the gift because of how hard you tried to get it. Anyways, merry Christmas.

Diamond: I have a gift for you. It doesntt come in a box. (Kisses Tourmaline. Steven looks in awe. Episode ends)