Steven Universe meets The Mask
Season N/A, Episode 1
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Air date October 15, 2014
Written by AdamGregory03
Directed by N/A
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Steven Universe meets The Mask' is the first in AdamGregory03's Steven Universe crossover series. As the name suggests, it is a crossover with Dark Horse Entertainment's film, The Mask.


When reports of a green-faced madman in Beach City rise, Lieutenant Kellaway comes to the city and finds himself teaming up with the Crystal Gems. But things get even crazier when one of the gems gets a little to curious with the madman's mysterious mask.


In a museum in Edge City, Arthur Neuman is hosting a tour through the Norse mythology exhibit. One of the artifacts on display is the Mask of Loki. Mitch Kellaway and Doyle come in, demanding they hand the Mask over to them, though it turns out the Mask on display isn't the real one. The real Mask has somehow wound up in the sea in Beach City, where it is found by Terry Spinner.

With the Crystal Gems, Garnet gets a message which states she must go on another solo mission. She states it shouldn't take too long and she should return later that night. Since the Gems were supposed to watch over the deactivated gems that night, Garnet instructs Pearl and Amethyst to have Steven take her place.

Terry hires an antiques specialist to analyze the Mask. The specialist states he will contact Terry later after doing some research. Later that night, Terry notices a green glow coming from the Mask and puts it on, transforming into his Masked counterpart, and giving him the powers of Loki. Terry heads out of his home and begins a chaotic run through Beach City.


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  • Adam had two other possible plot ideas for this crossover, which were eventually scrapped.
    • The first was that Steven was somehow forced into his healing state, and Stanley Ipkiss was comissioned by an enemy of the Crystal Gems to retrieve Steven's gem, which would eventually lead to the Mask teaming up with the Gems in the end.
    • The second was that Amethyst finds the Mask and hides it from the others, then wears it and goes on a pranking rampage through Beach City.