This is a TV series created by me, Emercrump.


Season 1

  1. Fusion Fix: Steven and Diamond go through various attempts to fuse.
  2. Mix It Up: A fusion mishap switches everyone's gems.
  3. Crystal Adventure: While exploring a Crystal Palace, Steven and Diamond stumble onto a crystal artifact, which traps the other gems in stasis, and they must collect Rose's long lost Quartz Pickaxe.
  4. Dog Days: Steven sets out to find Lion a friend.
  5. Magical Music: When Steven's ukelele breaks, Amethyst constructs him a magical one.
  6. On A Mission: Steven takes Connie on a mission with him for a birthday present.
  7. Magical Storage Unit: While looking for a missing piece of a Warp Pad in Greg's storage unit, the gems are pulled into the Warp Pad, where Steven and Diamond are separated from the gems, onto a distant planet.
  8. Mended Bond: When Diamond's brother Emerald visits, Steven tries to fix their friendship.
  9. Crystalline: When Diamond attains his Crystalline form, the power is too much for him to handle, so his gem shatters, and it's up to the other gems to find the pieces, scattered around all of Beach City.
  10. The Wonders Of Electronics: Steven tries to enhance his video game experience using Diamond's gem, teleporting them into the video game.
  11. Parental Guidance: Lapis Lazuli enlists Steven's help in getting rid of the monsters on her home planet.
  12. Diamond's Story: Diamond tells Steven how he became a Crystal Gem.
  13. Family Fusion: When all of Diamond's family visits, they decide to use their fusion, but when their gems actually become one gem, they have to find a way to reverse the fusion.
  14. Back To Paroo: When Paroo Amethyst finds a Diamond, she sells it, but when Emerald and Chrysocolla tell her that it was Diamond sleeping, they have to get it back.
  15. Fireheart: Still stuck in the Paroo universe, Emerald and Chrysocolla find a love stone, and unintentionally makes Paroo Garnet fall for Paroo Pearl.
  16. Down The Rabbit Hole: Emerald and Chrysocolla find a portal back, but when it turns out to be a dimensional wormhole, they have to destroy it before it destroys the Paroo dimension.
  17. The Release: When Steven accidentally pops a bubble, he releases the Pufferfish's gem, creating Watermelon Tourmaline.
  18. Fate: When Sapphire reveals that she's always been on Watermelon Tourmaline's side, she somehow turns Diamond to their side.

Season 2

  1. The Christmas Premiere: Diamond searches for a magical Christmas present, bestowing one wish of anykind for Steven.
  2. Terror Tales Of The Basement: While trapped in the basement, Diamond and Tourmaline tell scary stories.
  3. Relationships: When Tourmaline meets Diamond's girlfriend, Lace Agate, Diamond must keep things from being weird.
  4. Ucarva: When Diamond finds an active Galaxy Warp, Diamond takes Pearl to Ucarva, but she doesn't want to leave, so Diamond has to overthrow King Moissanite to order Pearl to leave.
  5. Captivity: Diamond wakes up in a room bound and gagged by unknown gems.
  6. A Whole New World: Continuing from the previous episode, the gems attempt to over throw Emperor Uvatrine, but after an attempt to infiltrate the palace, Diamond and Steven are the only ones left.
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  13. General: The after effects of the rock creatures plan turns the Gem planet into a living, breathing monster, feeding off the power of the Gems living on it.
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  19. The Return: The corrupted gems from "Captivity" return to exact revenge on Diamond.

Season 3

  1. TBA
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  7. Terror Tales of The Basement 2: While waiting for the zombie apocalypse to be over, they tell scary stories until it's over.
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  10. TBA
  11. Meaning: Emerald leaves to find his purpose in the world.
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  20. End Of The Magic: When all of the gems (excluding Steven) get stripped of their powers, it's up to Steven to get them back.


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