This article is about the fanon character. You may be looking for the canon character.


Steven has a fun and musical personality. He is often seen singing and occasionally playing on his ukulele. He enjoys adventures and wants to save the world with his fellow Crystal Gems, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, even though he doesn't have control over his gem yet. He treats them like friends, looks up to them like sisters, and takes their advice to heart. Steven has a very unique way of handling problems, often making them worse before solving them. What he lacks in experience and magical ability he makes up for by being resourceful, optimistic, and confident in himself. He tries to fix problems on his own first before seeking help, fueled by his happy-go-lucky attitude.

After discovering the powers of the legendary Gem warrior Agito, Steven became very serious when learned of the responsibilities that come with the title. He now fights against the evil Lords as Kamen Rider Agito, much to Pearls dismay.


Being half-human, it is unknown if he has all the abilities of a regular Crystal Gem. So far he has demonstrated the ability to heal with his spit (unlike his mother who healed with her tears), summon a weapon, shapeshift, and summon a magic bubble to protect him which is nearly indestructible. One unique dexterity about him is that he is able to change his age depending on his psyche, while fullblood Crystal Gems do not age.

As Agito, Stevens strength is enhanced enough to rival that of Garnets. He his also able to sense when a Lord is attacking from his gem and quickly activate his powers to fight them. He has yet to unlock all the powers of Agito yet.