Silver is a character in the series Kingdom Hearts.


Silver has white hair tied in pigtails along with brown eyes and wears a long, black, golden cloak with boots.


Silver's history is shrouded in mystery, making it the greatest enigma of the Gems. Despite this, Silver's skill in war tactics is unparalleled, allowing her to guide an army to victory over opposing forces greater in number and possibly even experience (as seen in a flashback). She is highly ingenious, creating strategies on the fly and even whipping up "crazy" plans or new war tactics out of pure inspiration. Because of her strategic mindset, Silver is highly perceptive to the others' feelings, and can figure out the source of most people's inner turmoils in a matter of a few important conversations. Tourmaline notes that Silver is surprisingly similar to Gold, due to her charismatic nature and ability to befriend everyone she meets. She firmly believes in the concept of forming bonds within the army, believing that these bonds make them stronger than if they were to fight separately. After learning of her heritage, Silver faces a bit of inner turmoil herself, but finds her own solutions to her problems.


  • Sword (as seen in the picture above)