Scenarios of Diamond In Real Episodes

Some of this didn't really happen in real episodes, but it's just added in for humor.

House Guest

Greg: Hah! That commercial was hilarious! I've gotta tell Steven! (Starts to walk down, but falls down, and hurts his arm. He starts to reach for the Warp Whistle, but he can't reach it. Diamond walks back from the temple. Greg starts to talk, but there's a pillow stuck in his mouth)

Diamond: Do you need help? (Greg grunts)

Diamond: I'll check back later. (Walks back in the temple)

Joking Victim

(Shows Lars running away)

Diamond: OMG!!! FIRE!!! (Shows Diamond hitting the fire with wood, but that catches on fire too. He starts easing out of the door)

Diamond: I'll check back later.