Saving Ruby
Season 1, Episode 3
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Written by AwesomeSteven
Directed by AwesomeSteven
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"Saving Ruby" is the third episode of the first season in the series "Time Gems".


The Gems find out that Ruby has been attacked! But how will they save him from Chernobylite?


Emerald is strolling through the palace when she sees Ruby's gem and Chernobylite's laughing. She runs away, not wanting to caught by Chernobylite. Peridot senses that Ruby has been attacked, and tells the others. Emerald then comes up on video screen from her wrist-device, saying that Chernobylite has captured her and killed Emperor Ruby. There can be a smashing sound heard, and the screen goes black. They then warp to the palace, and confront her. Tourmaline and Chernobylite then summon their weapons and fight. Chernobylite hypnotizes Diamond, Chrysocolla, and Zircon, because they have a hypnotizing weakness as triplets. Peridot and Tourmaline fuse, but the triplets and Chernobylite fuse and then fly away. They untie Emerald, and chase after Spinel, their fusion.

They reach Chernobylite's sanctum, where Spinel is awakening a Gem-monster to fight them. She sees Tourmaline, Peridot, and Emerald and creates clones to attack them. Peridot says he has a plan, and starts to take down some clones. However, he isn't strong enough, and ends up being captured by one. All of a sudden, Emperor Ruby reforms in front of Spinel and says that "You may have outnumbered us, but only I have the power of Gem and Jewel. He then summons them, and they say she has commited crimes against Gemkind. They unfuse Spinel, and stab anti-energy crystals into Chernobylite's gem. Chernobylite's gem then explodes, but not before she presses a mysterious button on her wrist. Gem and Jewel then throw Chrysocolla and Zircon all over the place. Chrysocolla lands safely and runs away, but Zircon's gem cracks on the ground. Gem and Jewel then disappear. The star zooms in on Zircon's cracked gem, while Ruby talks about how he hates to see Gems die.



Emerald: *humming in palace* Hmmm hmm hmm, hmm de dum, hmm hmm hmm hmmmmm. *

(Emerald sees Ruby's Gem and Chernobylite laughing. She gasps and quickly runs away.)

Peridot: *on Sirica* Guys, I'm sensing something. *gasps* Ruby has been attacked! 

Emerald: *on video screen* Help! *whisper yelling* Chernobylite has captured me and attacked Emperor Ruby into his gem! Come quick! *a crash can be heard and the screen goes dark*

Tourmaline: Guys, Zircon escaped!

Peridot: Who cares? Right now we have to save Ruby and Emerald! To the warp pads!

(They all run to the warp pads and warp to the Cerean palace)

Tourmaline: Now to find that Chernobylite. Gems, this way!