Ruby is a character in the series Kingdom Hearts.


Ruby is a young-looking Gem, resembling an 8-year old human girl who is around 140 cm (4'7") tall. She wears a shin-length dress colored in purple, red and pink, and decorated with numerous vines and branches. She also wields a large, wooden scythe-like staff. Her long blonde hair is also tied up in a ponytail using vines.


Despite her initially destructive introduction, Ruby is actually not necessarily evil; rather, she desires revenge on the human race for taking advantage of nature. She's also shown to be very protective of her forces, and often refers to them as her "children". As the president of Alistar (which the planet is most associated with plants), she has a deep affection for plants and wildlife and has a very eco-friendly attitude, claiming that she uses cloth shopping bags, composts her food scraps and separates her recycling into 15 types.


  • Scythe-like weapon