Pyrite is a Fan-Made Homeworld Gem whom is popular due to him being the most well known fan-Gem to possess male appearance and pronouns. The Design is commonly played around with because of the joke. "Pyrite the Pirate."

(This has been edited by a few different people due to that shameless display from before.)


Su villain pyrite by captaiin flora-d8zajtn

Pyrite appears as a small teenage boy (in this picture, though it's not the most popular, but most requested/chosen), he wears old tattered yellow clothing, and a small Yellow-Brown jacket. He has messy dark yellow hair and dark brown eyes (This may be undecided or changed as the most common placement of his gem is his eye.)


He is very uptight and quick witted, and usually does not care to get in trouble, which causes him to be quite a loner. He also has the concept of believing that no one truly "Owns" anything, which also contributes to him being a "Pirate".