Parental Guidance

(Shows Steven watching Diamond's gem. Suddenly, he hears something outside. Lapis Lazuli(not the fusion) appears)

Steven: Lapis! What are you doing here?

Pearl: What!? (All the gems walk out(minus Diamond))

Lapis: I didn't come to fight. I came to get help. (Suddenly, Diamond's gem floats outside. He then regenerates, with a new appearance. Originally, he was wearing a T-Shirt, with jeans. Now, his arms are coated in Diamond, his hair is spiky, he now wears a sweatshirt, shorts, and Diamond glasses)

Diamond: Hey! What'd I miss? Hey! Lapis Lazuli! (Diamond and Lapis hug)

Lapis: Hey! Hey, I heard you named a fusion after me.

Diamond: Do we have to change it? Because there's already a gem called Sapphire.

Lapis: No, you have my permission. Anyways, I need your help. My planet is being invaded, and I need your help to get rid of them.

Steven: You know each other?

Diamond: Of course! We were born on the same planet, with Emerald and Chrysocolla!

Steven: Chrysocolla?

Diamond: My sister.

Steven: Wait, I thought gems couldn't have brothers or sisters.

Diamond: We were just born at the same time, so we call each other brothers and sisters. To the planet! (Diamond grabs Steven, and flies away, and Lapis follows. They then touch down on the planet)

Steven: Well, I see the monsters. (Monsters made of the planet are attacking. Sapphire makes a cameo fighting one)

Diamond: This calls for the Magisca! (Diamond pulls out his magic staff. He charges at a monster and swings his staff, but it breaks)

Diamond: Okay, Crystalline time! (Diamond becomes his Crystalline form)

Diamond: Yes! It's controlled now! (Diamond shoots a ball made of crystal, and traps a monster. Diamond repeats this on other ones, until one reflects back, and traps Diamond. They grab Diamond, and take him away)

Steven: Oh no! We have to save Diamond! (Opens a house door, and pulls out Emerald, and Chrysocolla)

Steven: No time to explain! We have to save Diamond! (Chrysocolla pulls out her shrunkens from her gem on her shoulders)

Chrysocolla: No problem! (Cuts down ropes, and opens a drawbridge. Cuts to a scene of Diamond sitting in the Crystal ball)

Diamond: Can I go now?

Leader of the Monsters: No,

Diamond: Sigh. Fine. (Pulls out the Magisca, and makes a clone of himself, and then phases through the Crystal ball, and disappears. It then shows him in the control room. He changes a number in the plan for them)

Diamond: Now that should make their plan fail. Instead of making it evaporate the planet, it will evaporate them! Now, I'd better get back in the ball. Teleport! (Teleports inside the ball, and the three burst through the doors. They attack. Chrysocolla throws shurikens, and destroys some monsters. Diamond bursts out of the Crystal ball, and throws bubbles, and traps some monsters. He then charges, and sends all the monsters to the temple. The leader then steps up with a detonator)

Leader: You're too late! Using this detonator, I'll evaportate this planet! And there's nothing you can do! (The leader pushes the detonator, and all the monsters disintegrate)

Leader: What? What? Noooo...(Shouts no as he disintegrates. It then shows Lapis, Emerald and Chrysocolla waving goodbye to Steven and Diamond as they fly away. Diamond then winks. The episode ends)