On A Mission

(Shows darkness)

Steven: Okayyy, take off your blindfold Connie. (The picture is then shown, with Connie, Steven, and the other gems in the warp pad, teleporting)

Connie: Wha?

Steven: Surprise! As a birthday present, I'm taking you on a mission!

Connie: Um, who's that? (Points to Diamond)

Steven: Oh, that's Diamond. He's a new gem. He got you a birthday present! (Diamond hands Connie a necklace with gemstones on it)

Diamond: It's a Crystal Gem necklace! It has fragments of gemstones from all of our Crystal Gem friends! (Points to the emerald)

Diamond: That one is from my brother.

Steven: You have a brother? When can I meet him?

Diamond: Just wait, he always makes a visit sooner or later.

Connie: Thanks for the necklace!

Steven: Well, I'm taking you on a mission. Isn't it cool? (Starts to sing On A Mission(Song). They reach their destination)

Garnet: We're here.

Pearl: Okay, we have to find a very important artifact. An ancient Crystal Gem stone. We need to return it here. Luckily, Diamond has the stone with him in his pocket. If we don't return it to it's resting place in 15 minutes, the whole island will be thrown apart by a gravitational force! (They start to walk)

Connie: So, what exactly do you do on missions?

Steven: Well, we just save places, or try to destroy things. If you're lucky, you may get to see a gem fusion.

Diamond: No, there's not going to be one in this episode.

Connie: Gem.....Fusion?

Diamond: It's when two or more gems become one gem. Like Garnet, Pearl and me become Lapis Lazuli. (Then, a beast appears. Garnet does a stance, and shoots a gem blast, and the beast shatters. They then see a pedestal. They walk toward it, but then are interrupted by the crystal beast reforming. It reforms around Diamond. Diamond then makes a barrier, and propels the beast away. Steven steps in front of Connie, and activates his shield)

Diamond: Connie! I put something cool in the necklace! Rearrange them so that they become a circle! (Connie makes them into a circle, and they glow)

Diamond: Try to pull out something from the gem! (Connie pulls out crystal shards. She throws the shards, and they stab the beast. The beast then dissipates)

Pearl: Oh no! We only have 10 seconds to place the stone on the pedestal! (Diamond jumps for it)

Steven(thinking): Wait a minute...(flashbacks to Diamond making the necklace. He pulls a gem out of his pocket, and puts it in the necklace)

Steven: Diamond! You put the gem in Connie's necklace! (Connie looks at her necklace, and the white gem stone is glowing. The island is then blown apart. It then shows Steven and Connie plummeting toward the ocean. Steven activates his shield, and Steven and Connie float on it. Steven makes it spin, like a propeller)

Steven: Well, don't worry, we'll find the gems. (They then see the Beast again. Steven then goes away on the shield. Connie tries to throw shards at it, but it absorbs it)

Steven: This is a problem! (Then creates another shield, and shoots it at the beast. It scratches it. They then go inside a crystal cave. A piece of the crystal cave takes off the beasts arm. They then see a big piece of the cave)

Steven: 3....2....1! Jump! (They jump, and the beast is destroyed. They high five. The episode ends)