Ocean Town is another location in the Paroo Universe.

Known Citizens


Tiger's Eye

Garnet(Temporarily, Future Timeline)

Alison Fryman(Temporarily, Future Timeline)

Various backgrounders who I am too lazy to name.


It is a landlocked place directly north of Beach City. If one were to drive long enough,you could make it to the beach. It is relatively small, with slightly run-down houses lining the small, but many, neighborhoods. It appears to be old, as the houses appear so. It has few shops compared to beach city.


In the Future Timeline, Ronaldo died in a car crash shortly after his and Garnets daughter, Alison, was born. After that happened, Garnet ran away with baby Alison to Ocean Town, where the two lived together for 4 years.


  • The name "Ocean Town" is similar to "Beach City".
  • The name "Ocean Town" is also mentioned by Mayor Dewey in "Political Power".