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Momswapped AU (also known as Momswap AU, Crystalswapped AU and Role Reversal AU) is self explainatory. In this AU, Jasper, Peridot and Lapis Lazuli are the living members of the Crystal Gems instead of Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl.

About this AU

In this AU, Jasper, Peridot and Lapis Lazuli are the living members of the Crystal gems instead of Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl, acting as Steven's guardians, mentors and mother-figures instead.

Also as a result, some portray the in-canon Crystal Gems as the Homeworld Gems with intentions of conquering Earth, even switching Rose Quartz and Yellow Diamond's roles.

In lesser circumstances, Jasper and Peridot remain Homeworld Gems, but are still considered Steven's guardians.

Featured Characters

Steven Universe

Steven Universe, the sole half-human member of the Crystal Gems. Whether or not he is still the son of Rose Quartz or an alternate incarnation of Yellow Diamond depends on the story.


As a Crystal Gem, Peridot fills the role of Pearl as the slim intellectual of the group. She can also fill the role of Amethyst due to her more comedic and energetic personality from season two on in addition the fact that they were both made after the war.


Depending on the story, Jasper could fill the role as the strong and confident leader like Garnet or the lazy, rebellious one like Amethyst, her gruff anatomy and behavior representing her survival on Earth before the others found her. She is rarely portrayed as Pearl.


Given her level-headed personality in-comparison to the other gems (as well as some of the similarities she has to Sapphire), Lapis would fill the role of Garnet. In other circumstances, her close, fun-loving bond with Steven portray her as the Amethyst stand-in. She may even represent Pearl because of her similarity in body-type and her more level-headed, intellectual personality in season three.

Pink Diamond

Whatever the story plot is, Pink Diamond could fit as Bismuth, as she was abandoned (and possibly shattered by her fellow diamonds, as Rose had abandoned Bismuth.


In rare cases, Connie replaces Steven as the half-human Gem, instead being the daughter of Yellow Diamond rather than Rose Quartz.


When Peridot fills her role as a Crystal Gem, Pearl here is portrayed in the role of Peridot. Pearl can also fill the role of Lapis, due to her wanting to go or visit Homeworld and their intellectual personalities.


Because of her messy style and reckless personality she can be portrayed as Jasper. Though because the only crystal gem who has had a cracked gem before she can replace Lapis. She can also fill the role of Peridot due to the fun-loving energetic personality they share from season two on.


This gem is mostly portrayed as Jasper mostly because of her size and her hot-head part of her from Ruby.

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