Mix It Up

(Shows Steven and Diamond standing near each other. They both spin and flip, and then stop)

Steven: Okay, so now that will be our fusion dance!

Diamond: Let's run through it again. (They start to do the dance again. Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl run into the room. They bump into each other, and begin to fuse. They start to morph, but then they all fly out)

Garnet: Ugh. That was painful. 

Diamond: Uh...Guys? (Diamond feels his head, and Pearl's gem is on his head)

Steven: Wah! Look at my hands! (Garnet's gems are on them. Amethyst's gem is on Pearl. Steven's gem is on Amethyst. Garnet has Diamond's gem)

Pearl: We can fix this later! Now, we have to get to the Lunar Sea Spire again! Crystal beasts have taken over, and have reformed it into their lair! (They jump into the Warp Pad. They then see a crystal bear. Steven summons Garnet's gloves)

Steven: Cool! (Pearl pulls out Amethyst's whip. Diamond pulls out Pearl's spear. Amethyst summons Steven's shield, and shoots it at the bear. Steven smashes the bear. Then, suddenly, Steven grows a third eye like Garnet. He doesn't notice. Pearl then whips the bear, and her skirt becomes Amethyst's shirt. Diamond spears the bear, and Diamond's shoes become Pearl's shoes. Garnet pulls out Diamond's staff, and shoots sparks at the bear. The bear blows up. Garnet's arms become coated in a diamond material. She takes notice)

Steven: Woah! Every time we use the other gems power, part of us changes!

Diamond: I'm afraid you're right Steven. (His voice changes to Pearl's)

Diamond: Since we changed gems, we're starting to change into each other! Oh no! My voice! Ok. To change back, we need to try to recreate what happened before we completely change into each other! (They all become their gems representatives)

Steven/Garnet: Ok guys! Diamond/Garnet, start spinning! Amethyst/Me, do a flip! Now, everyone else, run to them! (They all start to morph, and then they are shot out. They all have everyone's gem)

Steven: Oh my gosh!

Amethyst: What's happening to us? It's weird!

Pearl: Since the fusion process clones the gems, it must have given us all of our gem powers! We need to become normal soon, or else we'll become a fusion of all of us!

Steven: I've got it! Only use your respective gems power, and then you'll eventually lose the other gems! (They all use their own powers on the other crystal monsters, and they start to become normal again. But then, they face a big monster. Steven and Diamond start to fuse, but then Pearl, Amethyst and Garnet run toward them, and they are repelled away somehow. They become Ruby. Ruby shoots a beam, and the gems are restored to their usual selves. Ruby then shoots battering rams at the beast. Garnet and Amethyst fuse, and they become Sugilite. They then combine their battering ram and wrecking ball to make an earthquake machine. They then open a fissure in the ground, and the crystal beast falls through. Sugilite throws her wrecking ball away. It shows Diamond and Steven in Ruby's mind)

Steven: Okay, do you still remember how to defuse?

Diamond: Let's just think to defuse. (Ruby and Sugilite defuse)

Steven: Hey, where'd that wrecking ball you threw go? (The wrecking ball smashes the Warp Pad)

Garnet: This is going to be a problem. (Diamond pulls out his staff)

Diamond: Well, now that I've got my staff back, I can fix it! (Diamond waves his staff, and the Warp Pad fixes. They hop on it)

Steven: Well, that was fun! Uh, why aren't we teleporting?

Diamond: I may have accidentally forgot to add the warp gem, which is now lost in that sea.

Garnet: We'll just have to swim home. (Steven pulls out a sandwich)

Steven: Who wants a sandwich? (The star iris closes in)