Mended Bond

Diamond: Sigh. So bored. I wish someone would visit. (A green gem with gems for cheeks walks in)

Diamond: Except not you. (A water balloon hits the gem)

Steven: Hello! Who are you?

Emerald: I'm Emerald. Now, tell me, WHY DID YOU THROW A WATER BALLOON AT ME?

Steven: That's how I greet people! (Amethyst walks through the door, and Steven throws a water balloon at her)

Steven: Uh oh. (Steven runs into the temple, as Amethyst chases him. He then walks out the temple, with a ton of scratches)

Steven: So why are you here?

Emerald: I'm Diamond's brother.

Diamond: We hate each other.

Steven: Why? (Flashbacks. Diamond and Emerald are playing. Emerald summons his Crystal laser guns, and accidentally lasers Diamond's gem)

Diamond: And that's why my gem isn't sticking out like it's supposed to!

Steven: Why didn't you just tell me that? (Steven spits on it, and one fragment of it sticks up)

Diamond: I guess it will take a while to heal.

Emerald: I came over for a visit. We haven't seen each other in 1,000 years!

Steven: I have to mend their bond. They hate each other. On every TV show I've ever seen, there's only one thing to do! (Shows Diamond and Emerald locked in a closet)

Diamond: I've got an idea! We should combine our magic Attacks, and that should melt the door! But if that fails, we can just fuse.

Emerald: We can only fuse if we're good with each other! And we both know that's not going to happen! (Shows the outside of the closet)

Diamond: Well, maybe we should forgive each other!

Steven: It's working.....

Emerald: Ok, if this works, I'll forgive you. (Diamond then screams. It then shows Diamond with a bandage on his head)

Steven: How am I supposed to mend their bond?

Pearl: Why don't you take them familiar and special?

Steven: That's it! (Throws Diamond and Emerald into the warp pad. They go to a place with a lot of toys and books)

Emerald: Hey! It's where we grew up! Hey, is it still here? (They look behind the bookshelf, and find a Diamond plaque)

Diamond: It's our best friend plaque! Man, I miss how we were best friends before! We should really go back to that!

Emerald: Yeah, I have to admit, I missed our friendship. I forgive you.

Diamond: I forgive you too! Let's go back! (They go back, and see all the gems fighting a monster)

Emerald: Oh no! We need to help! Should we form Crystal?

Diamond: Well, we're good with each other now, so we probably should! (They dance, and they become Crystal. They summon their fused weapons, a bazooka. They charge it, and fire a blast. The monster disintegrates. They defuse. It then shows Emerald getting on the warp pad. They wave farewell, and Emerald leaves)

Diamond: I'll miss him. I know! I'll go visit him now! (Gets back on the warp pad, and he teleports away. The episode ends)