Meet Lord Villaine is the first episode of AdamGregory03 (talk)'s fandom.


Steven encounters an old villain of the Crystal Gems who wants Steven's gem for himself.


The episode begins in the mountain tops above Beach City, where a castle forms out of a dark shadow. Inside the castle, Lord Villaine is in his throne room pacing back and forth until Budge comes up to him, stating he has good news. When Lord Villaine asks what, he states that the son of Rose Quartz is at the town in which they have spawned in. Lord Villaine grins evily at the thought of claiming Rose's gem, then it cuts to black and into the theme song.

At the Gem Temple, Garnet is training Steven on using his gem powers while Pearl and Amethyst observe. However, Pearl's gem begins to glow, and steps outside to "take the call" as she puts it. She then activates her gem's holographic powers only to receive a message from Lord Villaine (which she pronounces "Lord Villain", which peeves him). Villaine states that he is "in the neighborhood" and plans on stopping by to claim what is rightfully his after finding out his location, then ends the transmission, leaving Pearl stunned, followed by running back indoors in a panic, shouting that they need to get Steven out of Beach City. When Steven asks what the problem is, Pearl explains that Villaine called her and said he is coming to claim Steven's gem, shocking Garnet and Amethyst. When Steven asks who Lord Villaine is, Garnet only says "an old enemy" and states she will try to get Steven to safety for a while, then invites Steven to follow her deeper into the temple.



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