Steven: Oooooooohhhhh, well, we don't the same of anything,

But we might be on a computer with Bing,

It's the Maze of Mysteries, There's no knowing where we're going

And I know we wouldn't rather be blowing

In the Maze Of Mysteries. (Scene shows to the other gems minus Steven and Diamond)

Pearl: In the Maze of Mysteries, I hope Steven is okay,

I hope he won't ruin his day,

Don't you think that Steven will be okay?

Garnet: Pearl, just be calm,

Steven will be okay, it's not like he'll find a bomb

Pearl:(spoken) Yes, thanks for that. Besides, at least Diamond's with him.

Steven: In the Maze of Mysteries.......In the Maze of Mysteries......There's no knowing...where in the world we're going.....In the Maze of Mysteries.