Masked Garnet is a transformation of Garnet after she equips the Mask of Loki. She appears in the crossover episode, Steven Universe meets The Mask.


Masked Garnet is the exact same height and has the same body as her regular counterpart. However, her basic appearance now consists of a slender purple dress with black accents and a yellow star on it, as well as wearing a pair of black evening gloves. Her face is a green color (as most people's are after they wear the Mask), her shades have been altered to display her third eye, and her hair has been made long and flowing.



Masked Garnet has both the powers of regular Garnet and Loki, including super speed, spin-changing, fourth wall breaking, among others. She is also show to be able to not only be able to summon her gauntlets, but also various other objects with the color scheme of her gauntlets.


  • "Hon, I feel better than okay. ...I feel ssssssmokin'!" - After the transformation is complete.