Magical Storage Unit

(Shows the gems looking in Greg's storage unit)

Pearl: Are you sure you saw it fly in here?

Diamond: Yes! Now, quickly find it before it activates and we are sent nowhere and everywhere!

Steven: Found it! (Shows Steven holding a bubbled Warp Pad piece. It then begins to glow)

Diamond: Steven! Send it to Garnet's room before it activates! (Steven begins to send it, but it breaks free, and then they are teleported. It shows them traversing the warp stream)

Garnet: Don't worry. We'll be okay as long as we don't move away. (Then, a rock hits Diamond and Steven, and they are separated. Steven then activates his bubble. And then it shows them on a planet)

Diamond: Oh no! We've been separated from the gems!

Steven: Oh well! (They begin to walk forward, as the background changes. Steven begins to sing Maze Of Mysteries)

Steven: It's very strange. Usually something bad happens by now! (Suddenly, monsters come from everywhere)

Diamond: Ah! The Green Lion!

Steven: The Jungle Beast!

Diamond: That Rock Golem! (They then see an unidentified monster)

Diamond: That monster from the upcoming episode Mended Bond! If only someone could help us! (Suddenly, a gem with a Sapphire on his neck appears)

Diamond: Who are you?

Sapphire: I am from the future!

Steven: Really?

Sapphire: No! I'm a reincarnation of Emercrump as a gem!

Diamond: Hey! I thought I was!

Sapphire: Yeah, we kind of both are.

Steven: Can you please tell me who Emercrump is?

Sapphire: No time! (Pulls out a bag with crystal grenades in it)

Sapphire: Run! I know how to reunite you with your friends! (They start to run. Sapphire throws a grenade back behind, and the green lion disintegrates. He throws three more, and the other monsters disintegrate. They then see the warp pad with a broken piece. Diamond takes it out, and places it on. Nothing happens)

Diamond: I don't understand! This should be working! Oh! (Pulls out his magic staff, and uses some sort of gem glue to put it together. They are all then back in the room, and Sapphire is gone)

Amethyst: You will not believe what we had gone through!

Garnet: We were everywhere, and nowhere.

Diamond: Told you it could happen! (Iris closes in on Amethyst)

Amethyst: We still don't believe you. (Episode ends)