Magical Music

(Shows Steven and the gems(minus Garnet) on a mission, while Steven is tuning his ukelele)

Amethyst: Hey Steven! Why don't you play us a little song?

Pearl: No! He could wake up the Jungle Beast!

Amethyst: Hey! He's tuning it just fine and nothing happening! Come on play a song. (Steven starts to play, but then a beast tears through the trees. Steven falls, and his ukelele shatters. It shows Steven laying on his bed, depressed. It shows Diamond in his room, in a pool watching TV. Amethyst walks in)

Diamond: Man! Steven's been so depressed ever since his ukelele broke.

Amethyst: Yeah. I wish there was something we could do to make it better. Hey! I have a lot of stuff in my room! I could make him an unbreakable ukulele!

Diamond: Yeah, you go do that. I'm going to see how long I can hold by breath underwater! (Diamond goes underwater. 15 seconds pass, and the front of Diamond's gem floats to the surface. Amethyst slowly scoots away. It shows a montage of Amethyst picking up stuff for the ukulele. It shows a ukulele, without the strings)

Amethyst: Now I just need some strings. Ah! (Uses Electric Skull hairs for the strings. It shows Diamond's pool in his room, with his gem front still showing. Diamond comes out of the pool)

Diamond: Yes! 2 minutes! Hey, where'd Amethyst go? (Diamond goes out of his room, and sees Amethyst handing the ukulele to him, with Steven proceeding to hug her. Steven goes outside)

Diamond: Aw. So nice. Hey, what did you use for the strings? They don't look like any ordinary strings.

Amethyst: Oh, I used some Electric Skull hairs.

Pearl(offscreen): You did what? (Pearl runs up to them)

Pearl: You can't do that! If those strings are played, it could attract Electric Skulls! We have to destroy it!

Amethyst: Yeah, here's the problem with that. I used gem fragments to make the ukelele, so it's basically unbreakable.

Diamond: What about the Quartz Pickaxe?

Amethyst: Well, that got destroyed when it got encased in that crystal thing, but you don't remember it, because that's what set you free. (Steven then screams. Electric Skulls are attacking him. The trio try to attack, but nothing works. Amethyst and Diamond proceed to fuse, but the skulls electrocute them)

Pearl: I think we might need something else then (Fusion name blocked out. The gems are then thrown behind the temple. Steven then tries to summon his weapon, but it doesn't work)

Steven: Someone help! (A blue gem then appears. The gems on it aren't shown, and then the unknown gem then shoots a magic gem blast. The gem then strikes with a punch, and the Electric Skulls vanish. Then, the three gems appear)

Steven: Wow! You guys did amazing! Which one of you fused? I didn't get to see the gems on it.

Pearl: Well, it was (episode ends)


It was confirmed by Emercrump that the fusion is Diamond, Pearl, and Garnet. Garnet wasn't in the episode to mask the mystery.