Lord Villaine is an antagonist that appears in AdamGregory03 (talk)'s fandom of Steven Universe.


Lord Villaine is described as somewhat of a Shakespearean styled villain. He is diabolical, and loves every second of it. He is merciless to his enemies and often boasts about his superiority. He is failure intolerant and tends to take out his frustration on nearby minions, namely Budge. He also seems to get annoyed when people pronounce his name as "villain", as it's usually pronounced, instead of "vill-AINE".

Powers & Abilities

Lord Villaine has control over dark magic, which gives him a variety of powers, such as shooting lightning bolts from his fingertips, summoning minions with the snap of his fingers, and summoning a blade to his hand.



Budge is Lord Villaine's loyal right-hand man, and obeys his commands. Lord Villaine often takes out his frustration on him by electrocuting him. Despite this, Budge remains loyal to his master.

Rose Quartz

Little is known about Villaine's relationship with Rose Quartz, though in a flashback in Meet Lord Villaine, he states he intended to kill Steven after Rose gave birth to him to claim her gem from him, only Rose protected him which cost her her physical form, resulting in the other Gems taking Steven into hiding from Lord Vilaine.



  • In Meet Lord Villaine, he states he was a common enemy of the Crystal Gems, which could imply he too is thousands of years old.
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