This is a song sung in Paroo Fandom. It is sung by Steven, when he is trying to find out how the bunk bed taking him to space would be possible.


  • Dramatic Pause After Steven's monologue*

How is it possible?

What does it mean?

I need to find out.

Or I think I might scream!

That gigantic bunk bed,

Like something out of a dream

How did it happen?

What does it mean?

Mrs. Blue, I'll find you.

And I know, that deep down you want to,

Come back to the beach

And be with me,

And be with us.

And be our friend.

And not be mean.

And....not try to kill us.

How is it possible?

What doe it mean?

Look at that bunk bed!

It looks like a dream.

I'm so excited, I think I might scream.


  • There is a part from "Mrs. Blue", or at least a part that sounds like it, in this song.
    • Steven once again mentions that he wants Lapis to come back, and be friends with the gems.