"Hematite" is an episode in Paroo Fandom.

Hello. This is a Garnet episode.
Hello. This is a Garnet episode.
Season 1, Episode 4 (Technically 3 if "Sleepover" is counted as Pilot)
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Air date Whenever you are reading this.
Written by Paroo
Directed by Paroo
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Gem Olympics 6-legged race


Garnet meets an arrogant gem trainee named Hematite,and thus,one of the worst rivalries in history is born.


Pearl and Garnet are fighting about whether or not Garnet has a vacation home,and Garnet warps to Ilyria in anger. Topaz sees her while training a group, and tells them to hang on. Topaz asks, "What in the heck are you doing here?", and Garnet says she needs a break from Amethyst and Pearl. Topaz says, "Actually, Garnet, it's lucky you showed up when you did, beacause I have an errand to run. Good luck taking care of them!". Garnet runs after Topaz, but she's too late and Topaz has already warped away. Suddenly, a student confronts her. "So, you're Garnet? Miss Topaz has told us so much about you. So, you're the gem that bit the hand that fed? No way Topaz is gonna let you take care of us." Hematite summons her weapon, a wand, and casts a spell that turns Garnet into a cat. The other two trainees run away, yelling things like, "Freedom!". Garnet yells after them, but they don't pay attention. Another gem, named Azurite, runs and picks up cat Garnet. "I'm so so sorry about Hematite! She can be really mean sometimes. Here, let me help you.", she says. She summons her weapon, which is also a wand, and turns Garnet back to normal. "Thank you so much", says Garnet. Garnet suddenly runs after the trainees, who are throwing an epic party in the main hall. A roll of toilet paper suddenly flies over her head. Garnet get very angry, and she consumes the electricity from a nearby lamp, and stomps on the ground, electrocuting all the trainees. trainee. The four trainees retreat to their gem stones, and Garnet gasps as Topaz had came back in the middle of it all. "Garnet...what have you done to them?", she says. "Don't worry. I wasn't planning to shatter this class.". THE END.





Amethyst (non-speaking)

Steven Universe (non-speaking)

Clinohumite (Name unknown, non-speaking, as a trainee.)

Acrylic (Name unknown, non-speaking, as a trainee.)




  • This is the shortest episode yet.
  • Originally,there was a scene in which Garnet slapped Hematite and Topaz,and ran off with the bag Topaz had saying "See ya suckas!".This was deleted because I was too lazy to put it in.
  • When Hematite says, " bit the hand that fed?", she is referencing how Garnet accidentally killed Snowflake Obsidian, the person who taught her everything about gems.
  • Ending Tagline: "I'm a cat!" - Garnet