Heliodor is a character in the series Kingdom Hearts.


Heliodor resembles that of a girl appearing to be 13 years of age, with a height of 141 cm. She naturally has jet black hair, dark brown irises, and a fair complexion. Upon invoking her powers, her hair and eyes change color to a fiery crimson with embers fluttering from her head down. She usually wears all black attire consisting of a coat, very tall socks, and brown shoes. But another one of her outfits consists of a white dress, black trench coat, and black flats.


Initially, she is concentrated solely on her duty as an assistant. Her duty made her indifferent towards human life at first, but through Emerald's influence, Heliodor has opened up slightly to liking humanity. She still remains confused and disgruntled by some human traits which she considers as pointless.

Heliodor is first introduced as a cold character who is somewhat hostile towards Tourmaline, but she later warms up. Heliodor has a habit of saying "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" whenever Golden Beryl asks her questions or makes remarks that disturb her original worldview or embarrass her but in reality, they really care for each other. She has a great fondness for anything sweet, although chocolate is her favorite. Heliodor is shown to be highly intelligent and is talented in engineering. She is shown, however, to be naive when it comes to social affairs.


  • Katana (as seen in the picture above)
  • Fire (element)