This place is filled with random stuff that Garnet] says.

Paroo Fandom

"Quiet,unpaid intern!"-Garnet to Pearl,in "She-Freak"

"I'm a reindeer.Moo."-Garnet in the upcoming christmas special.

"I'm so glad Steven was put on the right plane.HE DID MAKE IT THERE,RIGHT???"-Garnet in a scrapped episode.

"Who wants pancakes?"-Garnet,in an upcoming episode.

"You dare wake me from my sleep?Face my wrath!*attempts to shoot Amethyst with a bolt of lighting,it doesn't work*Eh...EH!Awww..."-Garnet,in "Gem Olympics"

"AMETHYST!!You best be talking about my hair,or I'll start watching you while you sleep!"-Garnet to Amethyst in an upcoming episode.

"HOLY FREAKING CRAP!!I SLEPT IN TOO LATE,OH CRAP!!*falling down the stairs*CRAP,CRAP,CRAP,CRAP,CRAP,CRAP,CRAP!!!"-Garnet in another upcoming episode.

"*Gets down on hands and knees,bows down so hard that she bruises her head*I'm sorry,it won't happen again!"-Garnet,in a "Journey into Normality"