Gardevoir is a minor character in the series Kingdom Hearts.


Gardevoir is a white bipedal humanoid with a lower body resembling a slim gown with a green underside. She has long, slender, white legs underneath the gown, and green hair that curls down the sides of her head. There are spikes on the side of her face, resembling a masquerade mask. She has green arms and long, slender fingers that resemble gloves. A red fin-like horn extends from her chest, and a shorter, more rounded horn extends from the back. A band of green on her chest extends to the centermost horn and connects to her sleeve-like arms.

When her powers are at full charge, she turns almost completely white; only her hair remains green. Her gown becomes longer and wider, resembling a bridal gown. The forearms are slightly thicker with a pointed extension above the elbow. Her facial spikes are larger and now curl upwards. In contrast, her hair is now shorter and more tightly curled. There are now two horns in the center of her chest, extending to either side.