Fusion Fix

(It shows Steven making an ice cream sundae. Diamond warps in on a Warp Pad)

Steven: Hey Diamond. Man! Making this sundae is taking forever!

Diamond: No prob! (Diamond summons his magical staff from his gem in his back, and uses it to help Steven make 4 more sundaes)

Steven: Thanks!

Diamond: Your welcome. Hey... Have you ever fused?

Steven: No.

Diamond: Huh. I've fused with all the other gems...Hey! We should try fusing!

Steven: We can really do that?

Diamond: Yes we can. Now, let's try. (They start dancing. Their gems don't glow. Then, Steven does a flip, and Diamond does an air spin, and their gems glow. They run toward each other, and then their gems stop glowing. They crash into each other)

Steven: Well, our gems glowed for a second.

Diamond: There must be another way to fuse. I've got it! Let's summon our weapons at the same time at the same distance. (Diamond summons his staff, and Steven summons his shield. Their weapons then crash into each other, and they are thrown to the wall. Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl then warp back)

Amethyst: What are you goofballs doing?

Steven: We're trying to fuse.

Garnet: It's very simple. You just have to synchronize the powers in your gems, harmonize them, and combine their powers together, and imagine them becoming one. (There is a rumble outside. Pearl looks out the window, and sees a rock golem wreaking havoc outside)

Pearl: Rock golem! Did anyone bring a ground sample of the place we went to? (Everyone looks at Amethyst. They rush outside, and attack the rock golem. It knocks Garnet away. Amethyst wraps her whip around it, but it just swings her into the ocean)

Garnet: No! We needed her to fuse!

Steven: Fuse! (Diamond and Steven look at each other)

Diamond: Steven? (Steven nods)

Steven: Remember what Garnet said! (Diamond spins and Steven flips. Their gems glow. They touch, and they start to fuse. It shows them as a giant person, with a star on their body, and four arms. They have muscular arms, and short legs. It shows Steven and Diamond in the fusions mind)

Steven: We did it! (They high five)

Diamond: Okay, I think I control the top arms, and you control the bottom arms. Let's summon our fused weapons. But first, we need to give this guy a name. How about Ruby? We're going with Ruby. (Ruby summons his weapon. Steven's shield combines with Diamond's staff, and it becomes a battering ram. Ruby smashes the rock golem, but it regenerates. The rock golem jumps into the ocean. Ruby starts to jump in)

Diamond: Steven! Bubble! (Ruby creates Steven's bubble/shield, and dives into the ocean. He uses his battering ram to ram the golem into a giant rock. He then pushes harder with his ram, and the rock monster disintegrates. They jump out of the ocean)

Diamond: We did it! We did it!

Steven: do we defuse? (The star iris closes in on Ruby's face)

Ruby: Ooooo. That's going to be a problem. (The iris closes)


  • This debuts Diamond, and his weapon, a magic staff.
  • Originally, Diamond was going to connect a wireless adapter to his gem to try to get them to fuse, and then he'd get electrocuted, but that was scrapped.