Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date When you're reading this.
Written by Captainpunchextreme
Directed by Captainpunchextreme
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"Friendships" is the first episode of Galaxy Invaders.


Sapphire tries to make new friends at his first day of Gem school.


  • A boy (Sapphire) watches tv while eating cereal

T.V: Tune in for the new batman special: batman vs flash!

Sapphire: Can't wait!

Ms. Raphael: Sapphire go take a bath, you'll be late for your first day of gem school.

Sapphire: Ok, I'll just DVR the special.

  • Sapphire finishes his Bat o's and goes to take a shower.

Ms. Raphael: Ok head on to the warp pad.

Sapphire: Ok, bye mom!

Ms. Raphael: Bye sweetie.

  • Sapphire warps to the Gem school.

Sapphire: Oh, I hope I see anybody I know.

  • Sapphire crosses his fingers while his best friend JoJo walks in.

Sapphire: JoJo!

JoJo: Hey man.

Sapphire and JoJo: You're a gem too? Yeah I am.

JoJo: I'm secretly Emerald son of Zircon. *Shows Sapphire his gem in his tongue.*

Sapphire: Well I inherited my gem powers from my dad, but it was a shame he left us when I was born.

JoJo: Oh, sorry about that.

  • The bell rings.

Sapphire: I guess that's my class JoJo: Yeah, see you later.

  • 1 hour later in the cafeteria

Sapphire: Hey JoJo lets go sit over there.

  • They approach the table as they see a crowd of gems surrounding two other gems as they fight.

Crowd of gems: Fight! Fight! Fight! Quartz: You can't defeat me noob.

Ruby: We'll see about that...