Forge onyx is one ofthe largest gems in existence,at a stuning 20 meters. A peaceful,slow,sluggish creature who outcast himself after the destruction of the onyx order. He continues to create vases after 95,000 years of being alone. He has a skinny body and frail figure with a coat of moss. When the gems first stumble upon him,they treat him as hostile,but still see intelegence in him. When Steven stumbles into a vase the sloth giant becomes slighly hostile. Slashing at the emss when they come to close. He continues to create vases and Steven visits him quite often

Even thughh he is a feral gem,he can still use his weapon. Which are three magma coated kuni. His gem is a circular onyx gem Which is where his eyes should be. The only way he can see is though his right hand,which has his "seeing eye" gem.