Diamond: Last time.... (Flashbacks show)

Watermelon: Time for the world to meet Watermelon Tourmaline!

Watermelon: Diamond, you were meant to join my army! So, whaddya say?

Diamond: Yes. (Episode starts out)

Pearl: Diamond! You traitor!

Steven: How could you do this to us?

Diamond: Oh, Steven. Don't you understand the meaning of fate? This is my fate. Yours is death. (Pulls out staff)

Diamond: And it's soon.

Watermelon: But how shall we speed this up?

Diamond: Shall you fuse with Sapphire?

Sapphire: Oh yes. Bloodstone ought to take care of them.

Garnet: Get them!

Diamond: Let me hold them off. (Turns Crystalline. Shoots mini Crystal seeds, and it makes a wall of Crystal. Waternelon and Sapphire begin to dance, and they become Bloodstone)

Bloodstone: Let's do this. (Summons a bag of spiked mortars. They throw them, and they blow up. Pearl's gem cracks)

Garnet: Pearl! (Charges at Bloodstone, but hits her away. Her gems crack)

Amethyst: Garnet! (Whips Bloodstone, but Bloodstone pulls in Amethyst, and cracks her gem. They head toward Steven)

Diamond: Leave him. I'll finish him off. (They defuse)

Watermelon: You may have the honors of defeating them, once and for all. (Diamond walks up to them)

Diamond: There is something I have to do first.

Watermelon: Well, spit it out!

Diamond: This. (Shoots a blast at Sapphire which paralyzes her. He hits her gem, and it shatters. He steps on the remains)

Watermelon: Traitor! (Diamond shoots crystals at the gems, which heals their cracks)

Diamond: It's just you and me now. (Pulls out knife. They clash in an epic showdown)

Steven: I knew you would never betray us!

Amethyst: Why didn't you just fuse with them and make it quicker?

Diamond: Well, his influence may have gotten to me.

Watermelon: Oh, really? (Uses psychic, and forces him to dance. They become a gem mass)

Diamond(voice): I won't let you hurt the gems! (The gem mass defuses. Diamond then gets cut on the cheek by a knife. Diamond hits Watermelon, and ascends to the sky. He then charges down, and hits Watermelon. His gem disintegrates)

Diamond: And the finishing touch. (Puts his staff on the ground, and it emits a healing pulse. The world returns to normal)

Diamond: And everything ends well. (A star appears in the Sky. The iris closes in on it. Episode ends)