Family Fusion

(Shows Emerald, Diamond, and Chrysocolla warping in on the Warp Pad)

Pearl: Well, the whole family's together!

Diamond: Yeah! Hey! Who wants to see our Family Fusion?

Chrysocolla: Oh yeah! I love fusing!

Emerald: Come on! Let's show them Jade! (They run outside)

Chrysocolla: Synchronize....(Chrysocolla starts shaking. Emerald step forward multiple times while putting his arms in front of each other. Diamond starts doing cartwheels, and then flips. Chrysocolla then high fives Diamond and Emerald, and they fuse. Jade forms, and holds her laser bazooka)

Jade: Yeahya! (Shoots her bazooka, and laser shurikens shoot out, and blows up a crater in the ocean)

Steven: Hey! Lift me up! (Jade lifts up Steven)

Steven: Hey! Where's Chrysocolla's gems? (Hops on Jade's shoulders)

Steven: And Emerald's? (Looks at her cheeks)

Steven: And Diamond's! (Looks at her back. Then, notices a gem on the back of her hand)

Steven: What's going on?

Garnet: It seems that there was some sort of mess-up in the fusion. Was there anything you did that might've messed up the fusion?

Jade: Well, when Diamond did the cartwheels, he accidentally hit his hand on a rock on the back of a rock, and it got stuck, which might've had something to with this. How shall we reverse this?

Steven: We could get on three different sides and pull. (Cuts to a scene of them pulling on three sides of Jade)

Jade: Guys, stop! You're gonna pull my hamstring!

Steven: Relax! We're not that strong! (There's then a tearing sound)

Steven:....But apparently Garnet is. (Shows them at a cliff)

Jade: What are we doing at a cliff?

Pearl: We just wanted to show you a nice scenery.

Jade: Huh. It is pretty ni....(Steven pushes her off the cliff. She screams for about 40 seconds, and then there's a huge thump)

Steven: Horrible pain, no. (Shows Jade working out)

Jade: Ugh. Can I please stop now?

Steven: We're trying to tire you out! If you can't do much, then you can't stay one anymore! (Jade then gasps, and passes out. It then shows Jade outside)

Steven: I don't know much we can do. It's not like you just think three different thoughts and then you seperate.

Jade: Yeah. I'm a bit worried, but also cool that we're one again, and a weird indescribable emotion. (Suddenly, they seperate)

Steven: Huh. Whaddya know?

Diamond(with Chrysocolla's voice): Ugh, that was strange. Being stuck in one body with two boys. Ugh!

Emerald(Diamond's voice): That was really fun! I loved being joined with my two favorite people!

Chrysocolla(Emerald's voice): That was undescribable fun!

All in unison: Wooooaaaahhhh.

Pearl: It seems that since you still only had one gem, your other gems didn't know what body to go into, so it was randomly chosen. You need to fuse again!

Diamond(Chrysocolla): But what if we mess up? (Suddenly, a massive earthquake starts, and the other gems fall in. They starts to fall. They grab onto a ledge. Suddenly, a great amount of lava shoots up. A laser bazooka seals the lava. Jade appears, and pulls them up)

Jade: We fixed it! Yay! (Looks at the camera)

Jade: Goodnight Beach City! (Winks, and star iris closes in on him)