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Emerald is a member of the Crystal Gems that appears in AdamGregory03's fandom for Steven Universe.


Emerald is known to be lacking in courage, as he often doesn't like to participate in fighting due to his own cowardliness. However, he will fight if he finds it needed. He has a bad habit to ramble on when he's nervous, which for him is quite often. Out of all the gems, he probably knows the least about human activities. He also states he doesn't like fusing with other gems simply because he thinks it's "unsanitary".

Powers & Abilities

Like the other Crystal Gems, Emerald can cast holograms, shapeshift, summon his weapon, fuse with other gems, and retreat into his gem (located on the back of his left hand) if severely injured to heal. His crystal weapon is a quiver of arrows and a bow with daggers that have emerald handles, which he says he summons just by touching his gem, and even can be accidentally summoned when he scratches it due to the itch. He has a skill at persuasive speaking. He uses his bow as an reason to avoid hand to hand combat.



Emerald and Steven get along fine. Steven tries to teach Emerald more about human activities, and in return Emerald tries to help Steven discover more of his gem powers.


Like the others, Emerald respects Garnet as a leader. However, he often doesn't go through with orders due to his cowardliness, which is known to actually annoy her.


Pearl and Emerald tend to get along, mainly due to them being the only two gems on the team who prefer logical thinking and tactics. However, she is easily annoyed by his lack of courage.


Emerald and Amethyst don't really get along, probably because Amethyst keeps using her shape-shifting ability to prank and scare Emerald quite often.


Due to Tiger's attitude, he tends to get aggravated with him. He also states he gets afraid of Tiger, especially when his anger gets the better of him.


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