Down The Rabbit Hole

(Shows Emerald and Chrysocolla laying on a beach)

Emerald: I wonder how long it will take for them to realize that you have to play Jingle Bells on the Time Trombone for it to open a portal to this dimension. (Suddenly, a portal opens, and the Time Trombone comes through, hits the ground, and breaks)

Chrysocolla: I think they figured it out. (Suddenly, another portal opens)

Emerald: Yes! The portal is back! (Emerald starts to run to it, but Chrysocolla stops him. She throws a rock in. It spits back out, and blows up)

Chrysocolla: That's a dimensional wormhole!

Emerald: What's it do? (A bird flies by, and gets sucked in)

Emerald: Oh, it hates birds.

Chrysocolla: No! It'll destroy this dimension! (Diamond walks out)

Diamond: Try the gem book. (They look in the book)

Emerald: Nothing.

Diamond(offscreen): Revealus Wispus! (A page turns up in the book. Diamond looks at it)

Diamond: Ok, we need a gem blast from 5 gems. Luckily, we have 7. (All of the gems walk outside)

Garnet: It's so beautiful outside today...Woaaaaaaaaaaa.....(Falls inside the portal)

Pearl: MY DREAMMM! I SHALL NOT LOSE YOU AGAIN!!!!!!! (Jumps inside the portal. Steven and Amethyst shrug, and walk inside the portal)

Diamond: Now we have 3. Don't worry, I've got one. (His gem glows really bright, and Lapis lands)

Lapis: I've got your message! Don't worry, I'll open the ocean so we can find gems. (Opens up the ocean)

Emerald: I've got a better idea. (Cuts To scene of him about to pop a bubble with a hammer)

Diamond: Let's go with Lapis' plan. (Shows them seeing a corrupt gem lying down. Diamond coats it in Diamonds, and it forms Canary Diamond)

Canary: Sup. (They start walkng back to the portal)

Diamond: Blast! (They blast the portal, but it then comes alive)

Diamond: Ooh. I forgot to read the last paragraph. If we fail to defeat it, it will destroy this dimension. (Looks at Lapis)

Diamond: Wanna fuse? Let's show them Moss Agate. (They fuse, and become a mossy, gray stone creature)

Moss: Yeah! Let's take them down! (Summons wings, and staff, and attacks the portal. It then shoots extra dimension portals, and they get pulled different ways, and they defuse)

Diamond: Okay, luckily I made this. (Pulls out a bow, and shoots Staffs at the portal)

Diamond: Everyone, now fire another blast! (They fire a blast, and the portal disintegrates. Suddenly, a portal opens)

Emerald: That's our home portal! (They fly through the portal)

Canary: What do ya do with me? (Lapis punches him. Iris closes in on her smiling. Episode ends)