Double "Doublez" Take Eight, mostly referred to by his nickname Doublez, is the main character in The Adventures of Doublez and a character in Kingdom Hearts. See his main page on the Doublez Wiki.

Kingdom Hearts Version

Doublez is a character in the series Kingdom Hearts.


Doublez mostly resembles a female, but a running gag of the series is for her to disguise herself as a boy and for most people not to notice otherwise. Her disguise simply consists of putting a hat over her head to hide her blonde ponytail.

Her overall design is that she has a yellow ponytail and wears a hat most of the time, even when she is revealed to be a girl. She is also short for her age. She overall wears a black shirt under her yellow dress.


Doublez is mostly happy-go-lucky and quite brave. She also is shown to be fairly smart when she is fighting enemies. Doublez is kind-hearted and seems to be close with the Gems.


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