Dog Days

(Shows Steven trying to get Lion to fetch a ball. He throws it again, and it hits Lion in the face. Diamond walks up to him)

Diamond: What's up?

Steven: Lion seems lonely, so I'm trying to cheer him up by playing with him.

Diamond: Well, maybe he needs a friend. You should go back to that desert where you found him. (Diamond activates the Warp Pad)

Steven: Thanks Diamond! Bye! (Steven leaves)

Diamond: Yes! He's gone! (Diamond gets on Steven's video games. They are at the desert)

Steven: Okay Lion, let's find you a friend! (Steven starts to sing I'll Find You A Friend, as they walk through out the desert)

Steven: Okay, we've been at this for about 15 minutes. Where should we go? (Lion picks up Steven, and creates a portal, and jumps through it. Then, Steven sees a mint green Lion)

Steven: Hey! What about him? He looks like a nice friend! Let's take him home! (Steven and the two Lion's teleport home)

Diamond: I didn't do it! Oh, hi Steven.

Steven: Hey. Meet Lion's new friend! Lion 2!

Diamond: He looks nice. Ironically, he's mint green, which is the opposite of pink, which is the color of Lion. Strange. Let's let them outside to play! (Shows the two Lion's clawing each other)

Steven: Okay, maybe this was a bad idea. Now, STOPPP! (Steven tries to stop them, but is thrown back. The Lion's then start to fight more viciously)

Steven: What are we going to do?

Diamond: Yay! We can finally use Jasper again! (Diamond runs inside the house)

Steven: Diamond! What's Jasper?

Diamond: Garnet and I fused! GARNET! JASPER TIME! (Garnet runs out)

Garnet: Okay. Let's go. (Garnet starts dancing. Diamond does cartwheels. Garnet steps forward, and Diamond does a kick pose, and they begin to fuse. They become a red person, tall with three gem stones, and hands with star fingernails. Jasper makes two magic staffs and the gauntlets, and make a star boomerang. They then fire the boomerang but then the Lion's fall into the ocean)

Steven: Oh no! Lion! Jasper he's my Lion, so let me fuse too!

Jasper: No Steven. That would be too overpowered. Maybe if the green Lion mutates into a giant beast. (A giant mint green beast bursts out of the ocean)

Steven: Yay! Fusion time!

Jasper: It was a rhetorical question! But maybe later. Star boomerang! (Jasper throws the boomerang. The beast gets hit by it, but quickly regenerates. Lion then summons his sword, and Steven catches it. Steven strikes the beast with the sword. The beast tries to regenerate, but is not able)

Jasper: Steven! Only that can hurt it! (Jasper picks up Steven)

Jasper: I'll throw you at it and then it will get weak from the sword, and I can strike from the opening! Go! (Jasper throws Steven, and the sword strikes the beast. Jasper summons his gloves, and punches the beast. Garnet and Diamond defuse. Diamond bubbles the mint green gem from the Lion, and sends it away. Shows Steven and Lion inside the house)

Steven: Well Lion, I guess I'll be the only friend you'll ever need. (Lion roars)

Steven: Well, good night. (Diamond walks in)

Diamond: But it's only 3:30. (Star iris closes in)