Diamond (no fret but this is the real one) is the true,yet made gem that came back after she froze in the North Pole,the gems' mission is to find the frozen gem.She is the main protagonist of the show but not part of the Crystal Gems and was part of the Powerful Gems.Her voice actress is Grey DeLisle.


She was born under the Earth for 14 years and she was the first gem to be born on the Gem World(which Lapis believe when she heard her story). Her life is very desperate since before she's 'unlumpified' and alone because no gems are born.1000 years later,a pearl popped out from the surface and she proclaimed her as her little sister.They had protected gems after they popped out.A battle appeared by enemy gems.

After the battle on the Strawberry Field on the Land of Ooo,she escaped in the North Pole in order to protect the gems by freezing herself in the center of North Pole filled with a magic barrier to prevent her from being destroyed by humans and animals,but not gems she chose to break her out.

1000 years later,the gems went on a mission(with Steven along)to find her.Pearl uses her spear to break her ice and frees her.

She has a hard time teaching Amethyst attitude but no avail because she never change.


She wears a white gown(later it was cut to a short skirt),ice boots and white gloves.She has puffy hair(mostly like snow)with an ice tiara with stars.Her gem is located on her neck.She has white aura,meaning she can't live in the heat.She often wears feathered boots in her room.

Weapons And Abilities

  • Ice Breath-She can breathe ice that freezes anyone if touched.
  • Crystal Empathy- She can go without the Warp Pad.
  • Crystal's Touch or Crystal's Fingers-She can create many ice sculptures and can make it alive.
  • Shape shifting diamond(a gem that can form or copy any weapon; can be dual or many)
  • Telekinesis
  • Ice/Crystal manipulation-she can make ice in real life.


Pearl-Her half sister. It reveals that the last gems live on Earth are her half sisters. Rose Quartz is also her half sister, making Steven her half nephew. She seems to be sticking toward her.

Lapis Lazuli- Her long lost friend. After being trapped in the mirror by the Crystal Gems, she swore that she'll find her and set her free because the two don't believe on Earth years ago. Lapis does know her and never accepted her apology but she forgave her.


  • She maybe was spawned by minerals under the earth,but she does what a teenage girl does.
  • She is the last gem to ever been existed,although she is 2000 years old,maybe it means she was the last gem to appear and known.But her true age is 2014,the year today.
  • She is the second tallest of the gems,the first was Garnet and the third is Pearl.