Diamond is the ultimate fusion of all of the 10 main gems the gems (except Onyx).


Diamond's height is about the same as the height of Garnet. Unlike other fusions, Diamond actually looks like one gem instead of a fusion. Diamond's appearance actually only depends on which gem takes control, but most of the time he wears a shining coat of armor, with the gem located at the center of the body. He also uses a powerful sword and shield as a weapon made of light.

Fighting Style

Most of the time, Diamond's fighting style is based on the gem that 'takes control', but sometimes, Diamond fights with a combination of brute force and agile movements.


  • Diamond was only used twice
    • Once by Sapphire, and second by Steven, both of which were used against Onyx.
  • Diamond's suit looks like a suit of armour.
  • Diamond looks like one gem, as opposed to a fusion.
  • Diamond is also known as the Alpha Gem.