Diamond's Story

(Steven walks in Diamond's room, while Diamond is playing an Xbox 360)

Steven: I've been meaning to ask you this for a while. When did you become a Crystal Gem? I just came home one day, and you were here.

Diamond: Ah. It's a long story. I was playing with my siblings...(Shows the scene where Diamond and Emerald are playing, and Emerald lasers his gem)

Diamond: Emerald! Why would you do that?

Emerald: It was an accident. Here, I'll make it up to you. (Uses his lasers to grab Diamond's video games, but drops them, and breaks them. Then, he accidentally lasers the ceiling, and a piece of ceiling falls on Diamond)

Diamond: That's it! I can't live with this! Goodbye! (Diamond leaves, and an evil spirit appears)

Spirit: Do you want to get revenge on your brother?

Diamond: Wha...What...WHO ARE YOU?

Spirit: This does not matter. What matters is, do you wish to seek vengance on your brother?

Diamond: I guess.

Spirit: Then, to fulfill this wish, you will need to collect me some items. (A list appears out of nowhere)

Spirit: You will need to collect me these items, and then we can seek vengeance. (Shows Diamond at a chamber)

Diamond: Well, I guess this is it. (Walks inside the chamber. Crystal Ants swarm inside. He pulls out the Magisca, and repels them away. He then combines all of them, and turns them into a crystal)

Diamond: Ok, Crystal, check! (Then, walks deeper into the temple, and finds a multi-Crystal knife on it)

Diamond: Ok, now attach. (It becomes a crystal knife. It then shows Diamond above Emerald in the air vents)

Spirit: Ok, here's what you do. You shoot this Crystal knife at your brothers gems, and then it will send a bioshock through out his system, and he'll retreat to his gem forever!

Diamond: Wouldn't that kill him?

Spirit: Yes. Isn't that what you wanted to do?

Diamond: No! I just wanted to do something to make him mad! Like that time I drenched him in fake blood five times on Halloween!

Spirit: Yeah, I figured you do that, so I programmed it to target him in 10 seconds. (Spirit vanishes. A screen appears on the knife. When it reaches 1, Diamond starts to cry, and stabs himself in the gem with the knife)

Diamond: I did this for you Emerald. (Diamond falls to the ground, and his body explodes, leaving his cracked gem there. The knife disappears. Suddenly the gem disappears. It then shows the place from "Serious Steven," and Diamond's gem becomes the gem that controls the spinning)

Diamond(narrating): So I spent a few thousand years there, as my gem healed, and my spike healed, and my gem became fixed. Then, you came. (Shows a series of clips from "Serious Steven," to the part where Steven pulls out the gem. Shows what Diamond says as it happens)

Diamond(narrator): So then Pearl bubbled me, and I went inside the temple. I sat there for about a month, and then, my gem flipped, and my spike popped the bubble. I hit the floor, and my spike broke again. Then, I fell inside the lava pit. The heat reacted with my gem, and I reformed. (Diamond reforms inside the lava pit)

Diamond: My body! I'm back! (Diamond starts to climb out, but notices Steven interacting with the tiny Centipeedle mother, and the gems coming in. He dives back in)

Diamond(narrating): So I hid there. And while you were telling Connie about why a fence was being built, I climbed out. (Shows Diamond coming out of the temple, and the gems pulling out their weapons)

Diamond(narrating): So I explained the whole thing to them, and my gem reacted to the door creating my room. And then I joined. (Turns back to reality)

Steven: Wow. Awesome story. Hey! Could you tell me how Chrysocolla and Emerald became?

Diamond: Oh, here we go again. (Episode ends)