Dark Tourmaline is a character in the series Kingdom Hearts.


In her mutated form, she has a human-like appearance while having some gorgon-like features such as snakes on her hair and scaly hands. She has ghostly white skin, black hair, and a black tattoo running down her left eye. Her dress is a dark purple with gold and crimson that is also very long, making her legs and feet not visible. She wears numerous gold accessories and ornaments. Dark Tourmaline is usually seen wielding a serpentine staff. But before her transformation, she was an attractive-looking young woman with pale skin and long black hair.


Dark Tourmaline is a person with a very sinister and wicked heart. She has a strong hatred of humans and enjoys watching them suffer by her own hands. She is a vengeful person that does not go down lightly and will hold life-long grudges to those that oppose her. Dark Tourmaline is also significantly much more serious compared to the other Gems as she rarely ever jokes or breaks the fourth wall.


  • Staff