(Shows Diamond warping back on the warp pad)

Steven: So how was your visit from Emerald?

Diamond: It was great! Me and Emerald played with our old toys, and trained a bit. (Suddenly, his back starts to glow. He turns around, and his gem is spiking out)

Diamond: Yeah! My gem healed! Hey! Maybe I can obtain my Crystalline form again! (Diamond runs outside)

Pearl: No Diamond! You need to wait! You might put too much pressure on your gem and it will...(Diamond becomes a being made of Crystal. He then explodes, and his gem flies everywhere. A small fragment falls where he was. Steven then picks it up)

Steven: Wha....What happened?

Pearl: His gem didn't fully heal, so when he tried to attain his Crystalline form, his gem exploded!

Steven: So, he's gone? (Starts to tear up)

Garnet: No. We can still save him. We just have to find all the fragments, and a real fragment of a Diamond.

Pearl: We were going to find a Diamond for him, but we forgot! We have fragments of all our gems, except his! Ok, me, Amethyst and Garnet will find the fragments, and Steven will find a real Diamond. (It then shows Amethyst going to Greg's car wash)

Greg: Hey Amethyst! Look at this Diamond I found! (Holds a fragment)

Greg: I'm gonna be rich! (Amethyst snatches it)

Amethyst: You're not selling Diamond! (Runs away, leaving Greg confused. It then shows Garnet digging up three of the fragments. It then shows Steven, wondering how to use a Pickaxe. He picks it up, then falls. It then shows Pearl looking in the water, and fighting a crab for a shard. The crab pinches her nose, and she wins the shard. It then shows Steven trying to hold the Pickaxe again, but falling into a hole. It then shows Amethyst as the Purple Puma, wrestling for a shard. She wins the shard, but then falls off the wrestling ring. Steven then finds a Diamond in the hole. He holds it up in victory)

Steven: Now how do I get out of this hole? (It then shows them putting the fragments together. Steven puts the Diamond in the center, and it becomes apart of the gem. Amethyst adds the last piece, and it all fits together)

Garnet: Now he has to regenerate. (Suddenly, a giant crab comes out of the ocean, and eats the gem. He goes back under)

Pearl: That crab I wrestled must've gotten mutated by the crystal power! And now that he swallowed Diamond's gem, his power greatly...(The giant crab bursts out of the ocean, as big as it)

Pearl: ....Increases. We have to get the gem out of him! But how do we get inside? (Shows Amethyst being held by the crab)

Amethyst: I think I found a way..(Gets thrown inside) Innnnnnn.......... (The rest of the gems follow. Little Diamond crabs attack them. Pearl spears them all, and they shatter. They then find the Diamond Gem. They try to pull it out, but to no avail. Garnet then breaks the lines absorbing its power. They then get out, as the crab shrinks)

Garnet: Now, we wait.

Steven: I'll wait for you Diamond. (A star iris closes in on the gem. A star pops out of it. The episode ends)