Crystal Adventure

(Shows them exploring a crystal palace)

Garnet: Steven and Diamond, go that way, and we'll follow up eventually. (Steven and Diamond go in a cave. Steven summons his shield, and breaks a wall)

Steven: Hey! What's that? (He sees a crystal artifact)

Diamond: Let's go grab it! (Then, Amethyst runs past them, and Pearl and Garnet chase her. They touch it, and they then get trapped in it)

Steven: Oh my gosh! We just trapped the Crystal Gems! What do we do?

Diamond: Let's try using our powers and breaking it. (They try firing their weapons at it, but it doesn't make a dent)

Steven: What are we going to do? (Shows them playing video games at the arcade)

Steven: Okay, that lifted my stress, but seriously, what are we going to do?

Diamond: Wait. I remember, Rose has a Quartz Pickaxe, capable of breaking anything.

Steven: Really? Where is it?

Diamond: Rose's Room, I believe. (Shows them opening the door, and then they go inside. Diamond uses his magic diamond staff and opens a hidden tunnel. They fall down it, and then walk in the place. They then see a crystal dragon. They try attacking, but their attacks are useless. They start to fuse, and then become Ruby. They use their strength, and shatter the dragon)

Ruby: Yeah! Take that! Now, where is that Quartz Pickaxe? (They then see the Pickaxe. They grab it, and the caves trap them inside the room. They try using their battering ram to break the door, but it fails. They defuse, and think about what to do)

Diamond: There must be a way to break this. If only we had a thing capable of breaking anything. (Steven hits Diamond)

Steven: Dude!

Diamond: Oh yeah. I forgot. (They ready the Pickaxe, and smash. They are then absorbed into the Pickaxe. They then see Rose)

Rose: Hello Steven. (They are then back in the palace, and they are releasing the other gems)

Pearl: Thank you!

Amethyst: We actually thought that would happen to you!

Diamond: Really? We're not that gullible. (They accidentally touch the piece, and get trapped inside the crystal, with the Pickaxe)

Garnet: What do we do now? (The star iris closes on Amethyst)

Amethyst: Ok, let's book to Alaska, and open a ski shop.

End of Episode