"Come with me" is a song that is sung by Tourmaline in the episode "Astrology".

The song (just add the lyrics in): here


Oh come with me child, don't fret please

I'm just here to take you home

Where you belong

Come with me

Oh please oh please!

I'm tired of this place

And when I think about it I get all mushy inside

It was so beautiful

Don't you miss all your friends and family?

There's so much to see

So much too see!

Come with me

To place where you want to be!

A place where you want to be...

I miss it

So very much

Oh why am I stuck here?

I wanna go home

Come with me


  • Tourmaline has stated that she dislikes singing, finding it too "girly", but she sung this song to Pearl to get her to stop arguing with her.